CBD Oil vs CBD Topical Cream: Which One Is Best For You?

CBD Oil vs. CBD Topical Cream: Which one is best for you?

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CBD Oil vs CBD Topical Cream


CBD products can be found in your local grocery store, gas station, and maybe even your mom’s medicine cabinet.

In just a few short years, CBD has become a household name. The number one reason the CBD Industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry in such a short time is simple. CBD WORKS!

You would have had to be living under a rock to have not heard about the incredible benefits of CBD for pain relief! Most likely, you even know someone who uses CBD and has had remarkable results. If not, let me share with you my personal first experience with CBD.

I first tried CBD a few years ago- I suffered from chronic back pain from where I broke my back when I was 15. I had quite literally tried everything! I was on tramadol and oxycodone. I was not too fond of the way these pills made me feel. I had small children, so I found myself choosing between suffering and not taking the medications, taking the medicines, and feeling groggy and unable to drive. I also had what I called “heating pad stations” strategically set up in my living room, office, and bed. I tried acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic care. I invested tons of money in those portable sticky heat pads, so when I left the house- I could feel some relief too. I have lived this way for over 25 years. Until the day a friend shared CBD Topical cream with me.

I had tried everything to this point- why not, I thought?

I rubbed a half dollar amount of cream all over my lower back, and I skeptically waited. Five minutes later, I started to cry. My pain was gone. No more pain. For those that suffer from pain… you get it. People who hurt- get used to hurting. It becomes a part of your life, much like your arm or leg… but this cream… it changed everything!

So, I bought a jar, and I used the CBD Cream religiously…

All over the world, people are suffering from pain. Some people suffer from minor aches and pains in their neck, back, and muscles. Others suffer from extreme chronic pain from an old injury, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, or fibromyalgia.

To help you make the best decision of what CBD Product to use for your pain, I will share the benefits of both.

There is one significant difference between a CBD Topical cream and CBD Oil.

And that is how long it lasts.

A CBD topical cream will last a few hours. A CBD oil will last 24 hours.

So the question is, do you need relief from your pain for a few hours or the whole day?

Benefits of CBD Topical Creams

CBD Topicals are great because they work fast and last for hours. CBD topicals provide relief for pain, and you cannot ever use too much. Just apply as needed- and reapply when needed. It’s that simple. The way that CBD Tropical works are the menthol base in the cream opens up your pores. This provides you a cooling sensation and allows the CBD to be absorbed through your dermis and epidermis layer. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory and a natural pain reliever- CBD works with your Endocannabinoid System (a network of cell receptors strategically placed all thru-out your body that relies on CBD specifically to create an overall healthy balance within your body- while regulating the inner and outer workings of your body!) Did I mention- CBD is ALL NATURAL!

 I used CBD Cream for about a month. Every day, about four times a day.

I was out of pain. I was riding bikes with my kids again! I was playing with them on the floor, and I could get up without pain! I became a believer in CBD Cream.  I talked to my friend, who introduced me to CBD Topical Cream, and he suggested I try CBD Oil.

So, I did.

I started with a 750 mg bottle of CBD Oil. I used 1 full dropper under my tongue once a day. This gave me 25 mg of CBD daily through my bloodstream, I didn’t feel anything at first, but I kept taking it.

After about 10 days of taking CBD Oil every day- I realized I was using a less topical cream. I was sleeping better. I hadn’t had a migraine in 10 days (I typically had 2-3 a week).

For me, it wasn’t so much what CBD Oil made me feel- as it was what I didn’t feel anymore.

I didn’t feel pain. I didn’t feel anxiety. I didn’t feel stressed. I didn’t feel tired. I didn’t have insomnia anymore, no more migraines, and no more pain.

Now, let’s lay out some of the benefits of CBD oil to decide which is best for you.

Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD Oil is taken sublingually and is carried throughout your bloodstream. You put the CBD oil under your tongue and hold it for 30 seconds while the CBD absorbs into your blood vessels. CBD Oil lasts 24 hours, and you only need to take it once a day. The CBD then works within your Endocannabinoid System- which I spoke of earlier. CBD interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors located in your brain, central nervous system, immune system, gastrointestinal system, and nervous system. It gets to work regulating those areas of your body. High areas it brings back into a normal range. Low areas, CBD works to bring them up to normal range. CBD is an entirely natural supplement that does a massive amount of good to your body. CBD is a neuroprotectant- a natural anti-inflammatory and a natural pain reliever.

Think for a moment about each of these areas that CBD works within. Your brain, your central nervous system, your immune system, and your gastrointestinal system.

Are you suffering from anything in those areas? If so- CBD Oil is right for you!

 I will close by sharing with you what I chose for me.


I use CBD Topical creams, AND I use CBD Oil.

 CBD Oils and CBD Topicals used together have given me back my quality of life. I would never go back to my old life without using CBD. I started this journey just trying to get out of pain.

I ended it realizing that there were other areas in my life that my body was not healthy… and CBD helped in bringing my body back into balance!

Start your healing journey today by choosing one of our CBD Topicals or CBD Oils.

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